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RGC Rolling Dock

We carry RGC Rolling Truss Dock. This dock is easy to install and remove, features screw jack leg height adjustment (dock can be levelled without entering the water), lightweight and maintenance free design. Many different decking options including our newest Deck Wave™ decking (grey or beige), and multiple configurations available to meet your specific needs.


Manufacturing for over 75 years RGC truss docks are innovative, strong and durable and their quick connect hardware provides easy installation and removal. RGC truss dock features Marine grade aluminum with a striated side and top frame detail for enhanced looks and beauty. RGC’s robust 9″ truss frame has lateral side to side tubing every 4′ and 16″ centre stringers running with the entire length of the dock. This provides a lightweight but very strong truss frame that carries a 15 year warranty on materials and workmanship. RGC’s paneled decking feature provides an additional 1″ of reinforced top and side frame not offered by the other manufacturer’s. The decking panels interlock together and are secured to the frame tubing with stainless steel screws for added strength and durability. The decking panels can also be easily removed, if required.
RGC remains one of the few manufacturer’s who build all their screw jack levelling legs in house using a threaded rod design that is very hard to bend with pinned (not crimped) brass bolts for both the screw top and inside leg housing and wheel spindles that are welded on both sides of the leg tubing for added strength. RGC screw jack legs offer both side and centre leg supports for added strength and durability and their 10″ X 22″ poly wheels make for an easy roll in soft bottom lakes.

Decking Options

RGC offers three (3) decking options which include; a solid surface grey powder coated all aluminum decking and the new polypropylene decking panels from Deck wave and SunWalk. These interlocking panels are incredibly durable and slip resistant with perorated decking to enhance and promote aquatic life and repel those nasty seagulls. The perorated surface stays cool on hot days and eliminates water pressure underneath the deck surface in big storms which could wash out your deck. The panels can be easily removed or replaced if required and unlike an aluminum deck they are not welded to the frame. Warranties on the panels are 12 or 15 years. These panels will not chip, scratch, or flake and remain quiet when walking on them. Available deck colours are beige and grey.

Why buy an RGC Rolling Truss Dock?

  • RGC has been manufacturing for over 75 years and offer the best warranty programs in the industry.
  • Decking options include; Deck Wave™, SunWalk™, Powder Coated Gray Aluminum or Clear Anodized Aluminum.
  • Decking options are all heat, fade and skid resistant
  • Features lightweight and maintenance free all aluminum construction made in America, not overseas.
  • Patented quick connectors for easy install and removal.
  • Extra-wide 10″ x 22″ poly wheel for soft bottom lakes.
  • Multiple accessories such as: benches, chairs, vertical bumpers, ladders, stairs, corner bumpers and corner wedges
  • RGC screw jack legs feature an acme heavy duty threaded rod and brass adjustment nuts that are not susceptible to failure like our competitors screw level legs.
  • Available in: 4’ x 12’ and 4’ x 16’ lengths. Platform sizes include 8′ x 8′, 6′ x 12′, and 8′ x 12′. Special order sizes are also available.

RGC Dock Specs & Info (manufacturer’s site)

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